Why should Google AdWords be used? First, let's talk about what Google AdWords is and for what it used is. And then, let's talk about why we should use it and which benefit it may provide us. Google Adwords is an advertisement model which is provided by Google. This advertisement model is seperated in two. These are Google Adsense and Google AdWords. You may think of which differences are there between these. Let's explain. Google Adsense is intended for the publishers. And Google AdWords is intended for the people willing to publish their advertisement. AdWords is made of a structure which advances with a logic of keywords. A word typed in the Google search engine will lead you to the product or page that you wanted to see. Thanks to this, you can give an advertisement to your banner or web site. The only thing you have to do in order to reach your potential customers is using the right keywords. If you sell a product, specify the product categories as keywords. Then, specify some sentences like "Buy X products" which depends on the brand. After that, your potential customers can see your product and web site when searching the keywords that you specified. As you know, the clear majority of consumers prefer online shopping now. Because it is very easier and more effortless to get a product with only one click. So that the consumers compare the product they wanted with another products easily and make a choice. Why don't you still use Google AdWords, since the technology is used so commonly and efficiently? Then let's talk about the advantages of using Google AdWords: It is easier to reach your target market. Thanks to the keywords that you specified, it is easier to give advertisements. If you don't get enough efficiency that you wanted from the keywords that you specified, you can change those and keep advertising. You have the ability to control and manage your budget. You can track the efficiency of your advertisements with monthly diagrams and accordingly support your advertisements with various marketing fields. When to begin these advertisements with? We recommend that you begin immediately. Because your competitors already began using Google AdWords and overtaken you. It is better for you to be faster in order to close this gap. You may think that it is a very good advertisement model and can be useful, but if you don't know how and where to begin, get support from the experts. Let them show you how you can handle things. They may track your advertisements everyday and take a closer look at your competitors. They may share monthly reports with you and inform you what pieces are missing. They may think of parts which should be arranged or renewed for you. Never think of internet advertisements while you cope with your physical workplace or your works.  If you ask what the success stories are, let us give an example. We may even share the reason of why Nivea has preferred using AdWords with you: "As Nivea, we meet our customers not only in markets or perfurmery shelves, also in various channels of digital world. Among these channels, Google has a crucial point. Google does not only provide need-based active service solutions or advanced computation and reporting tools. It is also a valuable and indispensable business partner with their customer representatives' constructive approach and with their intelligence and common sense that they add to the business." In order to not to get out of date, take advantage of AdWords and social media networks. 

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