Considering the position of online marketing world, we can undoubtedly say that one of the most remarkable and important concept in this context is the content.  

The content and content marketing were rising trends in recent years. Content production is now an indispensable factor for every brand in order to reach their users and interact with them. The firms that are aware of this and design their Digital Marketing plans on content production and sharing will become the ones that are able to maximize their interactions with their target groups.

But how content marketing is being done which is a concept so important? Or what are the strategic steps a brand should take in order to do an effective content marketing?  Let's take a look at these respectively.


You Should Determine Your Target Group First

In order to be successful in content marketing, you should know well who your target groups, in other words, your potential customers are and determine them first. Which social networks do your potential customers use mostly? What kind of language do your target groups use for communication? To which content do your target groups respond and interact, to which content do they remain unresponsive? If you answer this kind of questions clearly, you will be determined your customers very accurately.


Which Content?

You have determined clearly who your potential customers are and you are about to begin to produce suitable contents. Now it is time to ask this question: "What kind of contents attract our customers mostly?"

The content type which you will produce according to the answer of this question will hand you an important opportunity in terms of interaction and establisment of your content marketing strategy on a strong base.

For example, your target groups are mostly interested in visuals contents and can not remain unresponsive to this content type. Then it means that you should concentrate on visual content production and spend more time in social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook which contain more of visual contents.


Determine the Distribution Channels Very Well!

You have determined your target groups and you have begun to produce the content type suitable for these groups. After these steps, what you have to do is to decide on which platforms you will distribute, in other words, share the contents you produced or created.

For example, you have produced a video content according to your target groups' interest. You should be able to decide on which platform you will share this video content. Thus you can reach a number in the direction of the expectations as a return. You should share your video content in a social platform such as YouTube which focuses on this purpose and you should measure the interaction of your user group in these platforms.


Measure the Interaction!

You have produced the content suitable for your target group and you have shared these contents in the accurate social media platforms. Now it'is time to measure how the returns of your sharings are, in other words, what a rate the interaction between you and your target group has.

The Google Analytics, a measurement tool especially developed by Google in this context, is an useful measurement tool which can show what kind of reactions your sharings has got in which platform and with which demographic data, how long your content has been tracked, where all the traffic coming to your content has been provided from. In this context, you can take advantage of Google Analytics.


Update Your Content Marketing Style!

You should analyze the data you got as a result of measurement very well and be able to use it in the next content marketing plan. The information you provided from the data are one of the main units of content marketing and digital 

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