The corporate blog is a platform in which the company meets its target group, gives anectodes about the course of itself, announces every kind of development in its sector and makes publishings that the target group may like.

As we say that every brand should have their own corporate blog, we can also add that they should also understand clearly that being aware of the benefits offered by the corporate blog will be a huge advantage for their brands.


Corporate blogs created for e-trade websites are the media organs in which the companies establish a bond with potential customers, promote their products and services and publish news or articles from their sector if needed. With a corporate blog, an e-trade website can maximize its connection with target group and has an advantage of drawing in potential customers who are not fully aware of the existance of the website. Therefore it is important for every e-trade website to have an own corporate blog in order to catch up with the times and offer developments in the direction of target group's wishes.


Let's answer the question: "What are the advantages gained by the e-trade websites when they have their corporate blogs?"  


Providing Traffic to the Website

An e-trade website which has a corporate blog can provide traffic to its website, in other words, to the main platform, thanks to the contents that it published here and can direct its target group to buy products or services, thanks to its corporate blog.

If the goal in creating contents in corporate blog is to gain some traffic, a few criteria should be obeyed and a appropriate strategy should be followed.

-    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

-    Content Type

-    The style used in content production

-    Choosing of appropriate content titles for the target group

-    Choosing of the contents' publishing dates frequently


Establishing a Bond with the Target Group

An e-trade website can create an interaction and establish a bond with the target group, thanks to the contents that it publishes in its corporate blog webpage. An e-trade website's corporate blog webpage which is able create contents appropriate for the customers can both attract the potential users organically and maximize its interraction with the existing user group.


Boosting the Intercorporate Communication

With the company news, the developments about the company, the contents demanded from intercorporate employees which are published on the corporate blog webpage, the intercorporate communication can be boosted. Regular publishings can be made in the corporate blog webpage by allowing the company employees to create contents and thus can the employees' commitment to the company can be increased.


Becoming Popular in the Sector

An e-trade website can have a say in the sector with the help of its own corporate blog. In this blog webpage, it can express its opinions about the sector with a remarkable style and it can also add its own comments about the course of the sector. Thus it can have a say in its own sector and share its opinion clearly with the platform it owns. It can inform the whole sector about the positive or negative conditions of e-trade sector and it can become popular successfully.

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